Old-School Charm

Bring back the old-school charm of shotgun shooting with our 16 gauge ammunition. Light and nimble, this gauge offers the perfect balance of power and accuracy for both hunting and sport shooting. With a range of options for different shooting applications, our 16 gauge shells are perfect for the traditionalist or for anyone looking for a more classic shooting experience.

Versatile Performance

Don’t let the classic look fool you, our 16 gauge slugs ammo offers versatile performance for a range of shooting applications. From small game hunting to clay pigeon shooting, each shell is designed to provide the perfect balance of power and accuracy. With consistent performance shot after shot, you’ll be able to take your shooting to the next level.

Trusted Quality

When it comes to your ammunition, trust in the quality and reliability of our 16gauge shells. Crafted with care and attention to detail, each shell is designed to provide consistent performance every time you pull the trigger. Experience the perfect balance of old-school charm and modern performance with our 16gauge ammunition.

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